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Relationships are designed to help us grow. While that can be a hard truth and a difficult pill to swallow, I believe it to be true. Without challenge or conflict, how do I develop into something more than I was yesterday.  How do I become a better husband, partner, parent, friend or co-worker if I am not confronted by and honest about what isn't working in my relationships? 

What isn't working in your relationship? Have your been trying for a long time to figure out how to make it better only to fail time and again? Have you suffered enough to be willing to do what it takes to accept then change what is currently not working?

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. I can help you understand and move through whatever life throws at you and show you how to do it successfully. I believe you have the ability not just to survive, but to truly thrive.
If you want empowering support and accountability to overcome the challenges you face on your journey to living your best life, explore coaching with me.

Wandering Traveler


I’m Troy DaRonco,  a Relationship and Life Coach specializing in helping men to navigate the uncomfortable (even scary) world of emotions and relationships.
My mission is to help be the end of suffering by helping others to understand their suffering while creating a life worth living.
I created my coaching practice out of a deep need to help people and to share what I have learned from my own journey. Over time I have l have come to accept that my greatest challenges, deepest heartbreaks and biggest disappointments have been the elements to shape my life and steer its direction the most. I haven’t always chosen the best choices but even then, my journey has been filled with lessons and opportunities I am grateful for.
I have come through huge losses and shifts in my life. I have lost parents, had a family member murdered, buried close friends, come to understand my families short comings (and their strengths), forgiven those who have hurt me, working on forgiving myself, been deeply betrayed, changed careers, started 9 businesses, have been homeless and found myself standing on the edge of a bridge and considered leaving the planet. 
Daily I work on: my goals, my meditation practice, being kinder to myself, finding ways of more present and loving with my wife, making friends, managing the voice in my head, develop my friendships, chase what I really want, serve my clients deeply and create a legacy I am proud of.

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The Leap

“The reason a lot of people can’t find happiness is because they don’t look for it. They allow themselves to be stuck in the same situations. Sometimes happiness comes with the courage to break free.”
― Ron Baratono


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